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Thu Feb 16 2023admin
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After the Korean drama "Squid Game" became popular all over the world, some peripheral products derived from it are very popular on Amazon.
First, I would like to share with you a data case of two listings. The first one was the face mask worn by the man in red in the play. In the last 30 days, 11,666 face masks have been sold. The second case is the Squid Game costume. It got the Best Seller within 10 days after it was put on the shelves with 0 reviews, and the sales volume in a day was nearly 1,500 pieces. Then when we enter Squid game in the product search box of Amazon, and then through related plug-ins, we can see that there have been 806,878 searches for this keyword in the past month, which is equivalent to an average of more than 26,800 people per day search for one of its merchandise on Amazon. The ranking of search terms in the US site in Amazon's keyword search. On October 1st, Squid Game custom ranked second in terms of search frequency and popularity, very high.
Next, let's take a look at the popularity of the peripheral products of the drama Squid Game from this angle outside the Amazon website. We can see that the peak sales volume of this costume in the squid game drama of a seller on AliExpress has reached 100 orders per day. Considering the delivery time and the price of the product, it does not have an advantage over Amazon. Under such a premise, the sales volume is actually very good.
Under such an upsurge, what thoughts can it bring to us cross-border e-commerce sellers?
1. This topical product is definitely easier to sell. It is equivalent to the attribute of emotional impulse, and this kind of product must be easy to trade. But this is not to persuade everyone to follow the popularity to make this kind of product. On the contrary, we have always advised everyone not to make such a whim product. This type of product has very high requirements on the seller's product shipment speed, logistics distribution, payment collection, and even after the store is closed due to infringement, how many backup accounts you have. If you want to make this kind of product, you must prepare and improve the backup store reserve in advance. Although a store closes, it does not affect my continued sales, because I have cultivated a large number of backup stores with YiLuProxy. YiLu's long-term stable static IP is very convenient for us to cultivate stores, and YiLu's proxy IP also prevents the association between these stores, so if you want to make this kind of product, you must prepare in all aspects Do enough. But when we choose products normally, we must control the impulsive factor. For example, when the price of this product on Amazon is higher than $50, the behavior of consumers called impulse shopping will be greatly reduced.
2. The protection of intellectual property rights. In fact, the Amazon platform still needs improvement in this way. There is no doubt that the publisher of the squid game must own all the copyrights of the current product. Strictly speaking, these related products currently selling on Amazon are actually infringing.
3. When people really want a product, the review is actually not important, even if there is no review, it can still be a Best Seller.

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