What are the Rigid Requirements for Amazon Product Selection

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
amazon product selection
Today I want to talk about the Amazon product selection in the operation process. Amazon sellers should select products suitable for customers' rigid requirements. For Amazon sellers operating with multiple accounts, the account IP remains stable, so many people choose YiLu Proxy long-term static residential IP, residential IP is a rigid requirement for multi-account operation. Selecting products plays an important role in Amazon's operations. We found that some sellers do not have very high operational skills, their teams are not strong, and their financial strength is limited, but several of their products sell well, allowing them to earn millions a year. While this is rare, it does happen quite often. If we break it down, it's often because these sellers have chosen great products.
The reason is simple. These sellers have selected some very suitable products, which are suitable for sale on the platform, which may have less competition, higher profits, or unique sources of supply. Whatever the reason, they are based on the product as the foundation of their success. Therefore, in actual operation, we emphasize the importance of choosing the right product.
When communicating with Amazon sellers, you can share experience and skills, but don't ask what other people's products are. Because if you tell people about your product, they may research, research, and publish it, and become your competitor. Sometimes I joke that don't tell people about your product, because the relationship between you may be ruined by competition. This is why we must not only pay attention to products in operation, but also protect our own popular products.
Many people wonder how to choose a good product. If we can't ask people what product they bought, how can we choose products? In the process of communicating with sellers, I often see that some sellers have struggled for a long time when choosing products, but the products they finally choose are very bad. So how to solve this situation and avoid choosing failed products?
I think we should follow a principle when choosing products: give priority to products with rigid new demands. What is a product with rigid new demand? To put it simply, it means that consumers' demand for product functionality is greater than their pursuit of external requirements such as appearance and color. For example, the screwdriver that we often use in our daily life is a product with rigid new demand. If you go to buy a screwdriver, you only care about whether its size is suitable, and you don't care about its style and color. The same goes for when you go shopping for clothes. Because your needs are more concerned with the functionality of the garment than its appearance. Therefore, when choosing products, we should give priority to products that meet rigid new needs, rather than pursuing external requirements such as appearance and style.In addition, when choosing products, we should also pay attention to market demand and competition. Only in this way can we ensure that the selected products have sufficient demand and will not be beaten by other competitors.At the same time, we should also pay attention to the price and profit of the product. Only by choosing products with moderate prices and higher profits can we ensure greater profits in sales.
Generally speaking, it is very important to choose a good product. We should start from rigid new demand, market demand, competition situation, price, profit, etc., to ensure that the selected product can succeed in the market.
Do you think most consumers are picky about their clothing choices? I don't think most people are like that. But clothes are still different, because when you want to buy a piece of clothing, your needs are very clear, such as what color and style you like, the color you will never wear, and the size. If you don't wear it, you don't have the need to buy it. These will affect your final decision.
When you plan to buy a screwdriver, you can find one at any hardware store. As long as the price is not too high, there is a good chance that you will buy it at this store. But for clothes, the situation is different. You may go to many stores to look at clothes, but if there is no style or color that you like, you may walk away and continue to find clothes that suit you.
In our life, there are many products like this. For example, when buying mobile phone cases, shoes, women's bracelets, earrings, and rings, what consumers pursue is not functionality, but preference, that is, likes and dislikes. This raises the question, what kind of products should we choose for new needs? I just mentioned the piano, which is a functional product, so we should not choose a product that is driven by consumer preference. Sometimes people buy things not because they really need them, but because they like them. So, if your selection is based solely on consumer preference, then things can get really bad. For example, if you are a clothing store, do you think that one of your clothes can meet the needs of everyone?This situation is probably rare. In order to meet the various needs of consumers, you need to prepare a lot of products, so that it is possible to meet the needs of a certain consumer. This means that you need to prepare a lot of sources to meet the demand.
If you choose a product with new needs, it means that you only need to provide one product to meet the needs of all consumers. In this way, the situation of overstocking of inventory can be avoided, because unsold products will take up funds, and all the money earned will be placed on inventory. This is also a common problem for many e-commerce sellers.
If there are only a few of the products you sell that are easy to sell, and other products take up a lot of funds and inventory, then you may need to consider adjusting the positioning of the selection to rigid demand. In this way, you can avoid putting funds and inventory on products that are not easy to sell, and at the same time, you can better operate products that sell well.

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