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amazon product selection
Using Amazon's Best Sellers list, this method works best for Amazon product selection, because it's so simple. The Best Sellers on Amazon mean that they are the best-selling products on the current platform. Using YiLuProxy residential IPs, you can get best sellers from different countries. As a seller, we conduct in-depth analysis and research on these best-selling products, we will be able to choose products that meet market demand, which will facilitate our operation and creation.
Specifically, the method of operation on the Amazon platform is this: open Amazon and find a product details page. If the product is on sale, there will be a Best Sellers ranking under the product description on its detail page. Here, you can see a button similar to "Top 100". After clicking this button, you will find that there are many products for you to choose from. These products are the top 100 best-selling products in this category on the current platform.
Among these 100 products, since they are in the same broad category, their distribution is naturally different. For example, there may be mobile phone film, mobile phone case, data cable, charger, Bluetooth headset, etc. These products belong to the mobile phone accessories category. Suppose you don't know what you want to sell when you first select products, and you don't have a direction to choose products. Through Amazon's Best Sellers list, you will find many products that you didn't think of before. By analyzing these products one by one, you can find out whether there are any products you are interested in. Because they rank high in sales, they sell well, and these best-selling products match your interests. In addition, you also need to consider whether your funds are sufficient to support this product, whether your financial strength is sufficient for you to operate this product well, whether you have a complete supply chain, or whether you can find a suitable supply chain.
Through the reviews of these products, analyze the overall praise rate of the product, so as to make a product review. After this analysis, you will find that you, who were not impressed by a certain category at all, have hundreds of product options after checking the Best Sellers list. For these product options, you can also perform a more in-depth analysis to choose the right product. On the right column of the Best Sellers page, in addition to the Best Sellers list, you can also see several tabs, such as "Hot New Arrivals", "Fastest Rising", "Most Added Wishes" and "Suitable as Gifts". These tags denote products that are new to the market, products with the fastest rising sales, products with the most wishlists, and products suitable for gifting.
On Amazon, there are many product categories. If you look at the leaderboard for a certain category, you'll find about 500 products. After analyzing these 500 products, you will have more product selection directions. On any of Amazon's product detail pages, the relevant information is provided. When you open a product details page, in the "Best Sellers" ranking, you will see "TOP100". In addition to the "TOP100" ranking, there are also small categories below. This means that you can go from large categories to medium categories, to small categories, and finally to the most detailed categories.
When you have selected a specific product and think that you are ready to start operating it, you can try to open the smallest sub-category. After opening, you will find that unlike the "Best Sellers" list mentioned earlier, there will be a detailed ranking of specific products. In the leaderboard, you will see the sales of many similar or identical products. Based on this ranking table, we can conduct an analysis. How do we analyze it? Because there are at least 100 products. We can look at the overall review situation of these 100 products. If there are very few product reviews in these 100 rankings, it means that the market capacity of this product is very small. At this time, you have to consider whether you have enough determination and ambition to operate this product with a small market capacity. This is the first question we have to think about. The second question is about the overall positive ratings of these products.
If we look at the top 100 products and find that none of them have high ratings, what could be the reason? Be aware that if a seller has low reviews, it may be because the seller is lax about quality control. However, if all sellers have low product reviews, this is an indication that the product may have some larger flaws of its own, which may be supply chain issues that cannot be resolved in the current market.
You have to think about whether you can deal with such a product with many quality problems, and if you can't deal with it, you have to abandon this product. Of course, if you find that everyone's reviews and product reviews are good, and there are a lot of product reviews, it means that the market capacity is relatively large, and everyone's review stars are relatively high, which means that the product quality is relatively stable.
Continue to analyze your supply chain situation, see if you can integrate it into the supply chain, and think about your financial situation, and whether it is possible to leverage it. There is also a range of other issues to consider. And combined with the product selection principle we mentioned earlier, that is, to select products with new needs. If these products are aligned with these principles, it means that we are less likely to make big mistakes in our operations. OK, these products should go into our Amazon product selection lists for in-depth analysis.

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