How to Develop Hot Products on Amazon

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
amazon hot productAmazon sellers should start from the product selection when developing hot products, which simply includes three aspects.
1. You should choose products with rigid demand when selecting products, because only products with rigid demand can be simplified. When we are the seller's problem reserve in the product, we can be relatively simplified in the aspect of customer acquisition. At the same time, you can directly face all potential consumers, and the consumer groups will not be scattered. Using YiLu Proxy with residential IPs from 200+ countries and regions to know customers' needs.
2. For the convenience of operation, we should choose small and light products as much as possible when selecting products, because small and light products can be quickly turned over. In such a case, the individual profit rate may not be high, but if we turn over more times, we can achieve a good overall profit.
3. Avoid blindly changing the product. For a new seller, don't trust his intuitive feeling too much. It is impossible for me to create a unique product. We prefer to choose products that are hot on the current platform. These products have been tested by the market. If we promote them, we will be more able to adapt to market acceptance. This is about this. Of course, in addition to these, what else do we include in the selection of products in the process of operation? For example, we should try to choose some non-seasonal products. What are the benefits of non-seasonal products, which can avoid large fluctuations in sales? Relatively speaking, the sales volume can continue to be relatively stable throughout the year or even for several consecutive years, which will greatly help our operation.
In the process of Amazon marketing, we hope to increase the sales of products through high-quality operations or by creating Amazon hot products. However, many sellers do not know how to build an Amazon hot product and have encountered problems that plague many small and medium-sized sellers: low product ranking and low daily sales. Sometimes, the seller will feel that the sales volume is poor, but in fact, if we have carefully selected high-quality seedlings in the selection stage, why is our product ranking still low? I don't think this situation is reasonable.
For sellers, we should be confident and determined, and focus on creating products to be popular. The so-called blockbuster is the product ranking top in the small category. It doesn't matter if we don't reach this goal immediately, but we should set our goal at least in the top ten. If our product ranking is only between 100 and 200, in fact, this kind of product has no meaning and can only bring few benefits, which makes us tangle for a long time. If we have made statistics, we will find that the daily sales volume of products ranking higher in the small categories may be around 100. Although our products rank between 100 and 200, the daily sales volume is only 10 or less, which is obviously a big gap.
In addition, there is another situation: we found that the benchmark prices of many categories are very high, but when our own products are only ranked between 100-200, our prices are difficult to reach a very high level, and can only be maintained at the level of cost and a slight profit. If our price is too high, the ranking will plummet and the sales volume will disappear completely. So, how should we solve this dilemma? As for operation, as I said before, we need to have determination and confidence. At the same time, we should also hold the idea that in Amazon's operation process, we should try to rank the top two in small categories, rather than lower ones. If our products rank low, there is basically no hope. Therefore, we have only one goal: ranking the top two in the small categories as far as possible.
Everyone wants to rank high, but how to build hot products on Amazon? Some sellers have made the best money by investing a large amount of CPC advertising in the station and spending a huge amount of money to finally make the best money. Some people also said that their hot money was achieved by swiping orders. They swiped dozens or even hundreds of orders every day, and finally swiped out the hot money. However, there is no doubt that these methods are prohibited by the platform and should not be our dominant operation mode, nor should they be the focus of our discussion.
The effect of in-site advertising on the Amazon platform is getting worse and more expensive, and the click price of words is getting higher and higher. This is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized sellers, especially when their product value is only a few dozen dollars or even a few dollars. Therefore, advertising is not feasible. Next, I will describe an example.
First of all, when our products are on the market, we use FB to deliver. When my product is put on the shelf, I may add three or five reviews as soon as possible. The purpose of this is not to gain the weight of the review, but to make the product and the whole listing details page look more complete.Based on several reviews, I usually make them at a low price. Why should we build it at a low price? Because compared with advertising drainage, low-price drainage makes consumers feel the sensitivity of price more intuitively. That is, when you see the low price of my products, you see that I will benefit consumers. Therefore, the sensitivity of price is used to pry consumers' determination to buy. So at this stage, a low price is very effective.
In the process of low price, some people will ask, how low is it? Others sold this product for $15. I also expect to sell this product for $15. My cost is $10. Can you tell me how low it is? How low is it? Percentage of how much lower? Absolutely not. The principle is low enough to get an order. If your expected sales price is $15, you can adjust it to $12, but you can't just continue to adjust it to $10, $9, $8, $7, or even $5.
In short, price sensitivity is necessary in order to activate the sales volume of order issuing and listing. When a new product comes on the market, it has no review or BSR ranking. But once the product has sales volume, this ranking will appear, which means that we can get a certain amount of natural flow. This is very important because it is impossible or limited to rely solely on advertising or other means of drainage. Only when the BSR or BSI ranking appears or rises will it really affect this listing.
In this system, the platform will give more opportunities and traffic to the good listing. This is why we need to activate sales through low prices. Therefore, the first step to creating a blockbuster is to increase sales through low prices. Some people may say, I'm selling so low. Am I really losing money? Yes, at this stage, it really seems to be losing money. But even if you don't lose money, won't you make much? For example, if my price is $15, but I don't lose money. This may be the logic of many people, but this is not the case. Why? Because although it seems that there is no money loss on the surface, we cannot ignore the important factor of time. For a person, if he goes out to find a job and has a salary of $6000 per month, his cost is about $200 per day. If you give up your job and specialize in Amazon business, but don't pay the bill today, will you feel that there is no loss? In fact, you have lost $200.
On the other hand, if you don't want to lose so much, you can increase sales through advertising. But is it really effective? Many people who have actually operated will find that the advertising cost is very high and the advertising conversion rate is very low. For example, if you set up an advertisement for $50, but only get 3 orders, even if your product sells for $15, the sales of $45 will not be enough to pay for the advertisement. In contrast, more orders may be obtained through low prices, because consumers value prices more. If you provide us with a favorable price, we will give you an order, which will bring you traffic. This is the right way to build a hot product: increase sales through low prices, and increase traffic through low prices.
As mentioned above, after the product is put on the market, the first step is to add a certain number of reviews, such as three or five. After adding the review, because you ship through FB, you should not only focus on your expected profit, but also let the product generate sales volume when you ship through FB.
Suppose my product is ready to sell for $15. If I sell it directly at this price, there will be almost no traffic and no sales. If I insist on the price of $15 and invest a certain amount of CPC advertising expenses, it may generate a certain amount of sales. But this input-output ratio is often not cost-effective. In other words, you may spend $50 per day on advertising, but only three orders will be brought, and it will still be a loss in the end.
Therefore, in this case, from another perspective, I will set the product price as low as possible. The low price here refers to reaching the lowest price that can generate orders. I set a price that can make an order, such as $5.99, and then you sell it at $15, and I sell it at $5.99. Amazon has the function of sorting by price, and consumers will always use this function. No matter by price ranking or other methods, consumers will find your low-price products and be willing to place orders quickly. You need to know why you order quickly because your price is very competitive, right? In this case, you should know that your order conversion rate is very high, with a small amount of traffic and a large number of orders. This will change the percentage. For example, if the conversion rate of the average price in the market is 15%, then your order conversion rate maybe 50%. Such a high conversion rate will invisibly improve your ranking weight. This is a very effective way to quickly improve your keyword ranking.
After setting the price at $5.99, an order was generated. At this time, you should check the number of orders. If there are only one or two orders a day, it is obviously not enough, right? In this case, this situation will not bring obvious changes to you. So what should we do in this case? There are two ways. One way is to continue to reduce the price, for example, from $5.99 to $4.99, to see if the sales volume will increase.
Another way is to invest a certain amount of advertising expenses on the basis of $5.99 to reduce the price and use the price as a factor to attract more sales. In this way, your advertisement can push the product to the top page or advertising position. In this case, when consumers see the advertisement and see your low price, the conversion rate will become very high.At this time, you should observe the change of the whole order quantity. Please note that our order quantity should show a trend of growth. That is to say, last week I had only one or two orders a day. This week I should observe whether my orders have increased to about five or ten. It would be great if the number of orders increased to about 5 to 10.
In this case, what should you do? If you now see that your orders are stable at about 10 per day, you will find that your ranking has also improved, and the ranking has risen very fast, from 10000 and 8000 at the beginning to 1000 and 800 at present. In this case of growth, we can consider adjusting the price, because at this stage your product price may still be at a loss. So you should adjust $5.99 to $6.99 or $7.99, but do not adjust $5.99 to $12.99 at one time, because this adjustment is too large. Too large an adjustment will usually lead to a decrease in the number of shopping carts and a rapid decline in traffic. Therefore, when adjusting the price, each adjustment should be smaller.
Each time you adjust the price, you should leave yourself an observation time. How long can you leave about three days? After each price increase, you should observe for about three days. If you find that your sales volume is still stable at about 10 orders per day, or even has a trend to increase to about 15 orders, what should you do at this time? Continue to raise the price and put your $6.99 commission $7.99. Later, observe by analogy.
If the price you mentioned is $9.99, you will find that your sales begin to decline. From 15-20 orders per day to 10-8 orders, and this situation lasted for several days. This shows that this price segment is a very sensitive price segment. So what should we do? We should consider lowering the price. But you may ask, how should I reduce the price? My previous price was $8.99. At this price, my sales volume was stable at about 20. But when I adjusted the price to $9.99, my sales fell to about 10. When the price is reduced, every further reduction in the price should be a step back to make the price more stable.
I started from $8.99 to $9.99. This adjustment is $1. I regard $1 as a unit of 2. I will adjust it down. How much? It can be reduced by $0.5, or $0.6. I don't recommend you drop another $1, or even another $2. Because the previous stage is $8.99, which means that the product is able to sell, so you should add at least $0.1. Use $9.09, or $9.19. At this stage, your price is actually higher than the previous level. The reason why we should do this lies in two aspects: first, to ensure our sales volume, and second, to maintain it. If the loss is maintained, the extent of our loss will be reduced. If it is profitable, it is in a profitable state. To maintain it, we need to increase the margin of earnings, so we should adjust it in this way. In this process, you will find that the price step by step is gradually rising, and the sales volume is also increasing steadily.
There are several key points in the whole process of building a hot product that needs your attention. First, use price to activate the increase of sales volume and ranking. Secondly, we should constantly pay attention to whether the sales volume and ranking are rising. Third, use in-site advertising and review as assistance. Only by combining these elements can you ensure that your ranking, sales volume, and product price are constantly rising to meet your expectations.

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