How to Make Amazon Account More Secure in 2023

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
amazon account security
Ensuring account security is definitely a foundation for Amazon business. If the sellers break some code of conduct during the operation, they will face the punishment of closing the store, freezing the funds, or even confiscation. In order to avoid this kind of low-level error as much as possible, here are some common problems about Amazon account security and how we should deal with them.
1. Don't take Amazon's customers away from Amazon's platform. For example, we encourage consumers to pay attention to a third-party independent website in the listing to get preferential treatment, or send a third-party website in the website letter and enter our personal email address. In short, Amazon officially forbids any behavior that can take the traffic inside the site away from the Amazon platform.
2. Don't send in-site marketing emails to our Amazon customers. Even if your store has promotional activities on Amazon, don't send in-site letters related to these promotions to your Amazon customers through in-site letters.
3. Don't abuse Amazon buyers' mobile phone numbers. Amazon sellers with a professional plan can access the buyer's mobile phone number under the self-delivery order. Amazon prohibits sellers from abusing the buyer's mobile phone number, such as sending some text messages containing this promotional information.
4. You cannot have multiple accounts at the same time. Amazon officially prohibits a seller from having multiple seller accounts. So in our actual operation, if you have such requirements, we must do the work of preventing association in place.
5. Do not manipulate comments. For example, the seller looks for someone to buy his own products and then gives a favorable comment. In addition, we can't include in the website letter or product after-sales card, leave a favorable comment to win $5, or leave a favorable comment to win an allowance for the next shopping, and other similar words, we can invite the buyer to leave a neutral comment.
6. Timely handle the buyer's claim. Amazon officially implements protection policies for all buyers who buy goods on the platform. If the buyer is not satisfied with the goods or services, the buyer can initiate Amazon Mall transaction to protect the buyer's interests. The establishment of the buyer's claim will affect the order defect rate and the score of the perfect order in the seller's performance indicators, with a relatively large negative impact.
7. Preventing network IP association is also the most familiar problem of account security. It is also the most important point to pay attention to during the shutdown of the Amazon account. Then we try to ensure that the network where we log in to the Amazon seller account is pure, and then we do not log in to the same network with other seller accounts.
In actual operation, we should pay special attention to the following two points.
First, don't register more than one store using a set of information, such as the same mobile phone number, company information, email, or even the password we set during the registration process.
Second, do not use the same hardware device or network to log in to different stores. The best way is to use a clean device and network, and only log in to one account. If you want to log in to multiple accounts on the same device, you can also use an antidetect browser and YiLu Proxy to prevent account association.
8. Prevention of infringement.First, we should not add other sellers' product names to our own listing.
Second, for our own trademark, we should first check to see if it has been registered. Generally speaking, the seller registers the trademark through a third party, and the third-party service provider will also check whether the trademark has been registered.
Third, after selecting the product, we should investigate whether the product has an infringement risk.
9. Don't buy your own products. You can't use your seller account to buy your own products to increase sales of your listing.
10.Don't exaggerate the product sales history in the listing. For example, we could only sell 100 products per month, but it was written in the listing that we have been widely loved by a consumer, and have sold more than 50000 products up to now.

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