Yilu Residential Proxy Settings Tutorial

Thu Jul 14 2022admin

The update of Yilu Proxy includes dynamic residential IP, which supports querying the country and residential IP: It can be understood that the IP of our ordinary family is a complete real-life environment, with high IP authority, high business success rate, and low BAN rate. It is suitable for services that require relatively high IP quality, and has great advantages compared to the IP of the server sellers.

To use dynamic residential IP, please ensure that the balance is greater than $10 in order to use it without interruption.

1. How to find IP by country

Rotating Residential IPs

Please click on the country list from the [Rotating Residential IPs] Proxy tab, then enter the country or shortcode in the search box and click [refresh], the available IPs of the queried country will be listed.

Rotating Residential IPs
country list

2. How to get proxies IP?

After refreshing, you will see that all proxy IPs are the same? Please note that what you see here is our Proxy Server IP, the IP you are using is our exported IP, right click and "detect IP", you will see the real IP you need to use.

Detect Real Rotating IP
detect ip
View Real Rotating IP
detected real ip

3. How to use proxies in different scenarios

  • Users who use fingerprint browser tools

click "copy IP and port", and then fill in the fingerprint browser, it can be used without problem.

copy IP and port

You can also copy all proxy IP lists at once, here there are 15 IP lists at once.

copy IP and port list
copy ip and proxy list

2. Local Browser used with proxy IP

First drag the chrome browser shortcut that needs to use the proxy into the [Programs] tab

drag Chrome into YiLu Proxy Program

Go back to the "Rotating Residential IP" tab, right-click [connect (not dns)].

Connect a rotating IP
connect(not dns)

After seeing that the local proxy in the upper right corner turns green, double-click to run the software from the "Programs" tab, and the software successfully uses the proxy IP.

disconenct proxy network
turns green

When no longer in use, click the green dot to get disconnection.

3. Using API to extract proxy connections and use proxy IPs in batches

The address of the API is listed in the "Device" tab.

API Adder
api to batch use

After clicking, it will open the API adder, change the parameters such as country code and quantity, and you can use it.

4. Charge Way

For the updated version, there are two recharge methods:

First is the original shared IP and exclusive IP will be charged according to the number of IP. The shared IP is 0.5 RMB/24 hours/IP, and the exclusive IP is 30 RMB/month/IP.

Second is the dynamic residential IP (country) is billed according to the usage of traffic, and there is a detailed traffic usage report in the report details.

Rotating IPs Consumption Details
consumption details

Why do I need to pay 0.01 RMB for each time use of an IP?

Because each refresh needs to occupy the port of the transit server to allocate IP resources, we have added a deduction to prevent users from refreshing in batches when they do not use the proxy. After the port of the transit server is occupied for no reason, others cannot use it normally.

5. How to charge.

Please get that the recharge is available in the proxy software interface and is not available on the website as following screenshot.

Renew YiLu Proxy

The new version of the client has changed the recharge plan.

YiLu Proxy Alipay renew
recharge plan

Customers who need to use U to recharge, please directly send an email to [email protected] with the desired deposit amount, account number and other information. The customer service will reply to your recharged USDT address as soon as possible, and complete the recharge according to the email reminder.

Recommend a safe platform that customers have been using to buy USDT, and try to choose a blue V certified seller to buy USDT. (Only a recommendation, please evaluate the security risk yourself.) https://www.gate.io/cn/c2c/usdt_cny

6. How to use dynamic residential IP on mobile phones

Some users need to use their residential IP on other computers or mobile phones, we provide a solution. Add the IP of the device that will use the residential proxy IP to the whitelist, then copy the proxy IP and port, fill in the mobile phone, and you can use it. (Don't ask me how to set proxy IP on other computers and mobile phones)

Use Rotating Residential IP
ip whitelist
  1. About the customized version for major customers

Users who top up more than 10,000USDT at once can contact us by email to apply for a customized transfer server and a special line, and the speed can be very very fast. (Transit server and return line fee will be charged separately.)

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