Facebook Account Banned 2023

Fri Feb 17 2023admin
avoid facebook account banned
Hello everyone, today we will share how to maintain an account on Facebook, because it is very easy to ban accounts, as my customers always mentioned,"I got banned from Facebook for no reason", which is a big pity for him.
1. First, ensure the stability of the IP network. Use the Taiwan residential IP configured by the socks5 proxy to log in, and use the same residential IP for a long period of time to log in to maintain IP stability.
2. If frequent account bans occur between Google Chrome browsers, it is recommended to uninstall the browser, re-download, and clear the IP.
3. After logging in to Facebook, please ensure that the network is stable. You cannot modify any information of this account within 2 days, and you cannot directly upload goods.
4. After 48 hours of Facebook account login, go to the mall to inquire more, but don’t keep asking, ask about 20 people a day, and post on the third day. There will be identity verification in the shopping mall inquiry, after 10 minutes to verify, after verification, wait another 20 minutes to directly load the goods. Generally, under normal circumstances, the enhanced promotion will come out directly, and if it does not come out, you need to raise it for another day. After strengthening the promotion, the goods can be shipped normally.
5. After about 5 hours, two or three more products can be released. At this time, the store’s property promotion has not come out. Don’t worry, please be patient.
6. Stop the release of products after a total of 4-6 products are released in stages, and wait patiently for the appearance of enhanced promotion.
7. The enhanced promotion in the early stage is not stable after it appears, and it will drop at any time. After waiting for about 10 hours, the enhanced promotion will still appear. Don’t worry, you can continue to replenish two to three products after it is dropped.
8. After the account is developed, do not release products frequently, and release 4-5 or 10 products for an hour every day.
9. During the peak period of the Facebook proxy login rate, do not place an order at this time, do not change any information, and if a customer inquires about the product, simply reply.
10. It takes time to raise an account on Facebook, and a developed account also requires the patience of the operator.
Today's sharing is here. The content of our program will be updated steadily, mainly based on some of our own experiences, and we hope it can be helpful to you.

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