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Hello everyone, today we continue to talk about how to build a Facebook public homepage from the previous issue.
These tools are useful because they increase efficiency. With so many sites and platforms to switch and accounts to work with, there are tons of tools. What are we learning these things for? You must know the purpose of your learning this thing. I'll explain it to you later. This requires a fee of $2,000. After that, it can be used off-site or self-built. I will explain to you what is the role of learning this thing.
One use is that you can do these in the e-commerce platform, and also drain traffic outside the site.
Another use is that we can deposit old customers accumulated in platform e-commerce into our social media.
Third, we can also treat the entire social media marketing as a platform, we can build our own website, and the channels are managed. You see, we can build our own website, or we can build a store directly in social media. Is it equal to building our own platform, right?
Let me explain the technical aspects a bit more. We will take you to learn how to operate the account background of the entire operation background, which of course requires familiarity with the use of tools. We'll also learn how to do follower and multi-account marketing, and how to do internet celebrities marketing. There are two meanings here. One layer of meaning is how we use other people's Internet celebrities for marketing, and the other layer of meaning is how we become an Internet celebrity ourselves. When there is enough traffic and followers, we can be an Internet celebrity.
So how do we operate content? Daily work is content operation, that need to learn how to conduct business, how to use the advertising system of these platforms, and how to build a self-built website. It's a systematic process. We can find the settings button, which are language options in the settings. It also has many other languages to choose from, even Japanese, Chinese Taiwan version, english, franch version, etc. You can also use Shopify to build your own website,  a marketing website, and advertise.
What would you like to know about advertising?
Advertising means placing ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Agency, etc., which have paid advertising systems. In fact, the principles of the advertising systems of these platforms are similar, which we will explain in the course. The general principle is that we will place an advertisement, set a target group, or choose the audience by ourselves. For example, your AliExpress fans, old customers, or customer information obtained from other places can be used for advertising. Advertise them directly.
Ads are placed in a variety of platforms. For example, when you sign up for a Facebook agency, you will find that ad-sponsored content appears in many places. For example, Hong Kong stock advertisements, Shopify tool advertisements, and various other advertisements.
You can find Internet celebrities to advertise or let Internet celebrities advertise. Find YouTubers, Instagramers. Does Facebook's store payment require information from local companies in the United States? For Facebook store payment, we jump to the webpage for payment. If you have a company in Hong Kong, you can open the store payment function of Facebook. If you want to use Facebook to receive money, your IP address must be in the United States, and preferably an anonymous IP.
Should I post in Chinese or English? If your content is aimed at Chinese, it is recommended that you use Chinese. If your clients are overseas Chinese, it is also recommended that you use Chinese. If your clients are English-speaking, then you can use English. If your customers are Thai, you can use Thai. If your customers are Korean, you can use Korean.
What steps are required? Do I need real-name authentication? Copy your store to the Facebook store, and connect your store to Facebook, just fill in a URL. For example, to upload a product in a Facebook store, you only need to upload a product link. You upload a product, just upload a link to the product.
Can a personal account block all accounts in a specified area? You can block personal accounts. One way is that if an Indian user recommends you in your account, you can cancel or block him immediately. If you block enough times, Facebook will stop recommending you Indian users.
Associating the store with Facebook, does this association involve connection issues? You upload a product, fill in a link, and then upload a product, fill in a link. For example, the link of your product on wish is ID, when you upload a product on Facebook, you can let another product jump to another product. When checking out on another website, you can fill in the link, and it will automatically jump to the wish purchase.
Embedded posting is to embed a preview link when publishing a post. Whenever Facebook can crawl your page, a preview link will be automatically generated.
If you want to learn the brain map of Facebook agents, you can do it yourself or find some materials to learn.
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