How to Avoid and Unlock Facebook Account After Banned

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avoid facebook account banned
What I will share with you today is how to prevent your Facebook account from being blocked, and make a Facebook account appeal.
First of all, because Facebook is an American social platform, due to restrictions, we must use socks5 nodes and residential IPs of Yilu proxy to register and log in to Facebook. Overseas residential IPs can maintain our IP segment stably and will not be abnormal due to IP And being banned can also cultivate the weight of the account. This is also a way to avoid being banned in advance, so let's get to the point:
Facebook has significantly increased account security requirements and the frequency of account closures since April this year. According to our statistics, the average personal account of Facebook operators has been blocked 3-5 times. Facebook account banning is an unavoidable problem for many users recently. In addition to the dozens of accounts that have been blocked before and after, we summed up the official requirements of Facebook and shared our experience with friends.
1. Why are Facebook accounts blocked? According to Facebook's official statement, Facebook strictly controlled the use of accounts in the mainland in May 2017. There are the following types of improperly operated accounts, which are more likely to be blocked.
1. The IP address keeps changing, or the account frequently logs in and out. Whether it's due to switching line devices, or because the VPN itself is switching lines. Frequent switching of lines is very likely to be recognized by Facebook as having multiple accounts or false accounts, especially for new Facebook accounts, a single person is only allowed to have one account, redundant accounts will be blocked, and the possibility of getting them back close to zero.
2. Frequently and proactively add a large number of friends or join unrelated groups in a short period of time. This kind of behavior hurts the user experience of Facebook and will be regarded as an unfriendly account by FB. Now FB is extremely sensitive to the frequent operations of any account, and any of your operations must be appropriate and act like a normal person.
3. The registration information is untrue and false advertisements are published.
4. Use a personal account to create an advertising account and place advertisements. Since April 2017, Facebook has banned mainland users from using personal accounts to create advertising accounts and place advertisements. We have been urging all domestic account sellers to stop using Facebook personal accounts to advertise, and to find an agent to open or open a business advertising account to advertise.
5. Add your other relevant colleagues to the business management platform business manager as soon as possible. It is recommended that a business manager has at least 5 administrators.
6. Please don't keep creating new accounts, which will make Facebook think that you deliberately opened several unreal accounts.
7. Please do not share accounts, including operating multiple accounts on the same computer, and operating the same account on different computers with different IP addresses.
8. The account is used for daily social use, sending content and interacting with others to improve the security factor of the account. For example, in our company, Facebook operators are required to do a daily update every day.
9. Set up two-step verification and add trusted contacts to improve account security.
10. The details of promotion-related operations are as follows. Maintain a moderate number and frequency of operations, including adding too many or too fast friends, especially those who add friends with high affection, and the failure rate.
11. If there are too many or too fast additions, especially if the application for joining a group is high, the failure rate will be rejected.
12. Forwarding information to the group too much or too fast, especially if the group information review is high, the failure rate is high.
13. Improper use of the software, such as adding more friends in a group, and pushing another homepage on the homepage.
14. Create too many home pages or too fast.
15. Create too many groups or too fast.
16. Proactively send too many messages to others, especially the high non-receipt rate of the other party.
17. The IP browser is changed frequently.
18. Use fake identity photos to register or verify accounts, especially famous people or pets.
19. The personal account matches the credit card to create an advertising account, and the account is placed.
20. Register multiple Facebook personal accounts with the same information or similar information.
21. Log in to your Facebook personal account without cleaning up the computer that has been blocked and obtained the account.Make sure account settings are fully in accordance with Facebook's regulations. For example, your name must use your real name to fill in your real date of birth and gender. Use a common email address to be verified by the system. Do not use profile pictures that impersonate a person or entity, or otherwise falsely identify yourself, or use infringing photos. Given that the quality of advertisements published by personal accounts is usually not high, it will hurt the user experience. The Facebook agency also has restrictions on advertising on personal accounts, and requires that commercial advertisements accounts be opened as much as possible.
Why was the new account I applied for blocked again without doing anything? If a number has already been blocked, it will be blocked again after re-applying. Because the IP and computer environment of the previously blocked account were polluted and recorded by Facebook. After the account is blocked, do not register a new account immediately, but need to clean up the original environment access records. The recommended cleaning tool is CC liner. If you want to ensure that there is no risk of logging in with a new account, it is best to reinstall the computer.
How to avoid the account being blocked? The following points are summarized:
1. Use a fixed IP. It is understood that there are some firewall routers on the market at present, the IP can be changed freely, and the country where the URL server is accessed depends on the country where the IP address is located. The recommended solution is to rent a stable server and build an exclusive VPN.
2. If an account has been blocked on a computer, before logging in to a new account next time, make sure that all IP traces, mac addresses, and cookie caches on the computer are cleaned up. It is recommended to clear the cache of all browsers and use CC cleaner software to remove all traces. If you are still worried, it is also feasible to change a computer or reinstall the system.
3. Only one Facebook account can be logged in under one IP. Some friends bought a brand new VPN account, thinking that this account is brand new and independent, but it is not. Some VPN circuit IPs are sold for use by multiple people. If someone illegally operates the account under the IP, resulting in the account being blocked, the IP is actually polluted. If your account is used under a polluted IP, it is also very likely to be linked.
4. Enable account security verification. If it is a newly applied account, it is recommended to add 3-5 familiar friends and add them as trusted contacts. It is also recommended to add mobile phone security verification. If Facebook can quickly pass the security verification when it starts, if these security verification are not set, Facebook will directly ask for identity information verification. At this time, it is not known when the account can be returned.
5. Use personal Facebook as daily social networking Facebook hopes that users use personal accounts for social networking, and use business homepages and business accounts for advertising. For users who use their personal accounts to add too many groups of strangers and send messages to other strangers, when Facebook finds that the acceptance of the other party is low, Facebook will block the account because it hinders the user experience on Facebook. From a security point of view, using Facebook for social use, such as updating a content every day.
Complaints about Facebook Regarding the account being blocked, there are two possibilities: the account is blocked due to illegal operations, or the account is reviewed by Facebook because the account is very new. The reasons for the two situations are different. The former is a violation, while the latter is a normal review. The appeal methods and requirements corresponding to the two situations are also different.
How to make an account appeal?1. Make a direct appeal from the prompt page. For new account review, this is a normal method, and it will usually be returned within 1-3 working days.
2.Submit through the Facebook help center, if there may be multiple addresses, submit them all. Attached Facebook does not provide any telephone emails similar to Amazon's investment managers, customer personnel, etc. The form of communication, as is the case in any country, can only be resolved through Facebook have center or Facebook community. Below is an article on finding Facebook solutions for different problem types. How can I contact Facebook and get help when I need it?3.Send emails to the following disciples: desert at Facebook Com info at FB dot Com appears at FB dot Com4.For users who have opened a commercial advertising account, they can appeal to the Facebook CMS customer service management channel through an agent, and can change Get back your personal account quickly and enter the appeal page.How should appeals be? According to our experience of hundreds of complaints, the following principles should be noted when writing a complaint letter after the account is blocked:
1. Emphasize the importance of the account, such as how long the account has been used, and there are many friends and partners on the account.
2. Emphasize the compliance of its own operations, and there is no violation of regulations. Facebook's policy is Facebook's miscalculation or unknowing misoperation. Facebook bans accounts to avoid risks, and many accounts are blocked by mistake, emphasizing that I always follow this with policy and never violate it.If there is it must be unconscious, but not my attention.
3.Provide clear contact information, including the address of the Facebook personal homepage, contact email address, preferably the homepage, email address of the Facebook account, contact number, etc.

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