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Hello everyone, today we continue to talk about how to build a Facebook public homepage from the previous issue.
Below that are the tabs, where you can adjust the content of the tabs, such as information and advertisements. If there are some content you don't want, such as advertising information, you can remove them. You can also remove some unwanted content, such as the offer group or the OK save group. Of course, you can also add new tabs and add the content you want.
Publishing status refers to whether you publish information in the name of an individual or as an official account. The notification function is used to set how the system notifies you, such as whether to send email notifications or SMS notifications. The open platform is a platform for docking the message function, which can integrate the message function into your website. In the user identity settings, you can add users with different roles, including administrators, editors, moderators, advertising executives, and analysts. Administrators have the highest authority and can use all functions; editors can publish posts, etc.; moderators are responsible for managing communities and comments; advertising executives can publish posts, create advertisements and view performance; analysts can only view performance analysis.
An administrator is a user with all permissions, and he has the same permissions as you. Now, you are an administrator, but an administrator does not have all permissions. You still have major powers, such as financial management. You can invite many people to help you manage on your homepage, you can invite them to join by name or email. From here, you can view a history of interactions people have had with your Page or with other Pages. For example, you can view the history of Nike clubs liking you, or you liking other people's records, and you can also view the history of banning or removing users. These records can help you track interactions between users.
The preferred sharing object and preferred analysis object refer to selecting the target group you want to share content or analyze data. There are advantages and disadvantages to not setting this option. If set, your content may be seen by more precise people, but your audience may also be narrowed. Authorization refers to granting other organizations or individuals the right to use your content. Facebook proxies have faced lawsuits for helping Trump meddle in the U.S. presidential election. Branded content is branded content that you have reviewed. You can choose to allow or disallow others to tag your brand on your Page. Instagram management means managing your Instagram agency personal or business profile on Facebook. Comment moderation refers to managing comments on your Page on Facebook. Featured refers to the content of some of the homepages that you own. Cross-posting is posting your content on another Page. Help mailbox refers to your help mailbox, where you can get help or ask questions. This is your message settings. Message settings refer to setting your message notifications, including email and SMS notifications. This is your promotion settings. Promotion settings refer to setting up your promotion activities, including advertising, network marketing, etc. This is your preference. Preferences refer to setting your preferences, including language, time zone, browser settings, etc.
This text describes the setup and management of your Facebook profile. It mentions features like auto response, background greetings, tabs, user identities, interaction history, authorization, branded content, curated content, cross-posting, help inboxes, and more. It also mentioned Facebook's relationship with Trump in the US presidential election. At the end of the text, it is also suggested that users can check the functions or problems that they do not understand in the help center.
Let's focus on the store function in the permission card, because everyone is more interested. This function is mainly used to sell goods on Facebook, allowing users to shop in two ways, one is shopping messages, which send messages to users to consult and arrange shopping, and the other is through private transfers. When setting up the store module, you can only choose US dollars as the settlement currency, because choosing other currencies may cause the home page to not work properly.
Let's take a look at the store, where we can go, manage. Our own store can be managed, and we can add products and photos here. There are not many photos of the special regime. Okay, we're just going to pick a homepage photo here. Of course, this cannot pass the audit, because it is a product of Nike, so it cannot pass the audit.
Set up the store function on the Facebook agent, and you can conduct transactions through private messages or transfers. However, due to copyright issues, Nike merchandise cannot be added. Multiple products can be added, and the store can be combined with Shopify to realize automatic synchronization of products uploaded on Shopify to the Facebook store and jump to the Shopify website for purchase.
We can take a successful Shopify store, such as one managed with Flyer, to show how to connect to Shopify. When we open the store homepage, we can see that this is his store. We choose a product at random, open its page, and we can see the first picture of the product and the option to choose the size. We can also view the details of the product here, or click to jump to the store's website for more information.
Can be purchased directly. You can use paper or Amazon to purchase directly, or choose a credit card and choose paper to checkout. This is the effect of associating a consumption of foreign language publicity with the store function in the public homepage. One such effect is this.
The site is doing well, with over 40,000 traffic and monthly visits. Some of the successful sites are small branded merchandise. Of course, there are also some websites that do well but don't make the list, probably because they do other products such as clothing.

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