How to Sign up Multiple Free ChatGPT Accounts For Chinese

Wed Feb 22 2023admin
create multiple chatgpt account proxy
ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot program developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. It allows users to enter their own questions and provides responses. According to statistics, the number of monthly active users of ChatGPT exceeded 100 million in January 2023, till now on, it becomes so popular that the most of billions of global netizen has been heard of it for its multiple language system, fast response, intelligent answers and excellent use experience that bring users, great interests from global countries.
For offering some convenience for huge number of increasing Chinese users day by day, this article will shows you details on how to sign up multiple free ChatGPT accounts with USA or Brazil SIM Card Number as following steps:
1. Create multiple browser profiles and integrate different YiLu proxy IPs in Lalicat browser:
2. Open and run these virtual browser profiles.
chatgpt run browser profiles
3. Enter login in one running Lalicat browser profile.
Click “Sign up”.
signup chatgpt account
4. Use an email address of Google account, or Microsoft account to create an account
Here I directly use a Google Gmail.
signup with gmail in chatgpt
5. Verify a phone number.
For creating multiple free ChatGPT accounts, you can find an online receiving message platform for getting multiple phone numbers.
Then fill in the phone number, click “Send code”. It is recommended to use number from USA or Brazil.
chatgpt verify phone number
Then enter the received code in the message platform. You can ask service to get free site URL.
chatgpt enter sms code 5
6.Use ChatGPT to start your chat online now.
start use chatgpt 6
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