How to use ParseHub integration with YiLu Proxy?

Tue Nov 08 2022admin

ParseHub is a web scraping software that can turn any site into a spreadsheet or API. ParseHub supports Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. In order to deal with the anti-crawling mechanism of the crawled website, a proxy is required. The article will show you how to use ParseHub integration with YiLu Proxy .

Parsehub with Yilu Proxy

Download ParseHub on the official website:

Download and install Yilu Proxy client from the official site:

YiLu Proxy Configurations

1.YiLu Proxy Settings

Proxy port: random or custom, here I set 1080;
Port forward: set the port range according to your needs, here I set 5500-5510;
Bind address:;
Proxy engine settings: select ”YiLu Portable Proxy Engine”;
Proxy rules: select the second and fourth rules;
Then don’t forget to save!

2.Port Forward

YiLu Proxy static IPs and dynamic IPs port forward's methods are the same, just right-click an IP and select a proxy port.

ParseHub Configurations

1.Click "New Project"

2.Enter a website you’d like to extract data from

Here I enter "" to check IP address, then click "Start project on the URL"

3.Turn on the "BROWSE" button

4.Click the icon on the top-right and click "Options"

5.Click "Advanced"

Then click "Settings" on the Network.

6. Enter proxy details

① Select "Manual proxy configuration"
② Enter "" on Socks Host
③ Enter a proxy port set in YiLu Proxy, such as 1080, 5501
④ Select "SOCKS v5"
⑤ Select "Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5"
⑥ Click "OK"

7. Check IP Address

Refresh the web page and check the IP address, which is consistent with IP set in YiLu Proxy.

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