Integrate YiLu Proxy with VMMask Browser

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VMMask fingerprint browser is an anti-detect browser that provides multi-account management. VMMask can generate multiple isolated virtual browsers on the same computer, configure a different proxy IP for each browser, and simulate browsers in any country. It easily help us use one computer to run multiple browsers with different fingerprint information at the same time.

VMmask Browser yilu proxy
VMmask Browser yilu proxy

1. Download, install VMMask, Yilu proxy and register an account

VMMask official website:
You just need to download and install VMMask software and register an account as instructions.

Download and install yilu client from its official site:

2. Integrating YiLu proxy

1)Local port forwarding configuration
Firstly, you need to set proxy port on YiLu proxy [Settings], random or custom, here I set 1080, and bind address as, and
Proxy Engine Settings: [Other Proxy Tools]
ProxyRules: select the second and fourth proxy rules.

Then connect a static IP by double-click the IP address or right-click the IP and click connect as below.

Then you can find connected proxy information on the top left of the YiLu proxy client as following screenshot:

Turn to VMMask -> [Profile], Click [Create]

Then enter the browser profile name and proxy information as follows:
Proxy Type: Socks 5 proxy
IP address:
Port: 1080
Then click [Test Connection] to check the proxy connection status
Finally, click [Save] to save the browser profile.

You can modify other browser fingerprinting information according to your need, such as browser version, operating system, time zone, GEO-location and so on.

2) Multi-port forwarding configuration

Firstly, set [Port Forward] on [Settings], here I set 5500-5510

Secondly, divide multiple IP addresses to different ports.

You can check these assigned IP and forward ports in [Port Forward List].

Then create multiple browser profiles in VMMask, and connect different proxy ports as the following images:

3) Rotating residential and datacenter IPs configuration

Local port forwarding
Select a country, state, and city(datacenter IPs only contain country), then click [Refresh], select an IP, right-click the IP, and click [Connect(not dns)], then you can see the proxy information on the top-left.

① Copy IP information
Then copy the connected IP, port, username, password information.

Then create a new profile in VMMask, fill in name and proxy information
Proxy Type: Socks 5 proxy
IP address: the IP you copied in YiLu proxy
Port: the port you copied in YiLu proxy
Account: the username you copied in YiLu proxy
Password: the password you copied in YiLu proxy
Then click [Test Connection] to check the proxy connection status
Finally, click [Save] to save the browser profile.

② Port Forward
You can also assign rotating IPs to proxy ports, right-click an IP and select a free proxy port.

Then check all port information on [Port Forward List].

Then set proxy on VMMask browser profile as the following image:

3. Open browser profile

You can click start icon on the right of a browser profile, and then operate your business on the browser.



As general antidetect browsers, VMmask can help us create and manage multiple accounts without association and banned risk easily under the integration with Yilu Proxies online.

Video On VMmask Integrate with Yilu Proxy:

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