Maskfog browser Integrate with Yilu Proxy

Fri Nov 11 2022admin
maskfog browser with yilu proxy

Maskfog is an Anti detect browser software that can help you manage multiple accounts of the same platform in one computer. Maskfog Anti detect Browser covers full fingerprint information settings and separates browser fingerprint environment to ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of the fingerprint environment.

Maskfog browser official website:

Download and install yilu client from its official site:

Now editor will teach you how to integrate Maskfog browser with Yilu Proxy as following steps:

1. YiLu Proxy Configurations
A. Configure YiLu Proxy Settings.
Proxy port: random or custom, such as 1080;
Port forward: set the port range according to your needs, here I set 5500-5510;
Bind address:;
Proxy engine settings: select ”Other Proxy Tools”;
Proxy rules: select the second and fourth rules;
Then don’t forget to save!

B. Port Forward
Please view the web page:

2. Maskfog Browser Configuration
A. On Maskfog browser, click "New Profile".

B. Then enter the browser profile name, select a operating system, browser version, and user-agent.

C. Click “Custom” proxy.

D. Enter proxy information as follows:
Proxy name: such as yiluproxy,
Proxy type: Socks5 (Note: YiLu Proxy rotating IPs supports HTTP and Socks5 protocols, static IPs only support Socks5)
Proxy host:
Proxy port: such as 1080, 5500, 5501
E.Click “Check Proxy” to check the proxy connection status.

For YiLu Proxy Rotating IP, you can also use IP:Port:Username:Password to connect.

F. Select a account platform, such as
Click [OK] to save the browser profile.

Finally, click “Open” on the right of a browser profile to run it and operate your business on the virtual browser.

Video On MaskFog Setting with Yilu Proxy As Follows:

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