How to Use Yilu Proxy in Ghost Browser

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Ghost Browser is a multilogin browser that can help users manage multiple identities online, such as multiple Google, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. GhostBrowser offers a free version that can manage four identities, in order to prevent multi-account from being associated and banned, you also need to use different proxy IPs for different identities. Next, I will show you how to use YiLu Socks5 proxy in Ghost Browser.
Download Ghost Browser for Windows and macOS:
Download YiLu Proxy:
1. Enter Ghost Browser proxy control panel.
Click the Ghost proxy control icon, then click "Add/Edit Proxies".
ghost browser edit proxy
2. YiLu Proxy Settings.
a. Port Forward: set the range of forward ports, such as 5500-5505;
b. Bind address:;
c. Select "YiLu portable proxy engine"
d. Select the second and fourth proxy rules;
e. Save settings.
ghost browser proxy setting
3. Add a Single Proxy.
A. Local port forwarding (for all YiLu Proxy IPs)
For a detailed tutorial, please view:
Right-click an IP and select a port.
ghost browser local port forwarding
On the Ghost Browser proxy control panel, click "Add a Single Proxy".
Enter a name, host (socks5://, and port (such as 5500).
Then click "Add Proxy".
ghost browser add a single proxy
B. Extract IP information (for YiLu dynamic IPs and mobile IPs)
a. Select proxy IP type: rotating residential IP, rotating datacenter IP, mobile IP, or pro residential IP;
b. Select the IP information format IP:port:username:password;
c. Set the number of generating IPs;
d. Select a country, state, and city;
e. Refresh;
f. Copy IP information, including IP, port, username, and password.
ghost browser copy rotating ip port
Then enter a name, host (socks5://, port, username, and password.
Then click "Add Proxy".
ghost browser add rotating ip port 7
4. Add Bulk Proxies.
If you need to add multiple proxies, you can use the "Ad Bulk Proxies" function.
A.Click "Export sample file".
ghost browser add bulk proxies 8
B.Open the downloaded file and fill in proxy information, then save.
ghost browser fill bulk proxies information excell 9
C.Click "Import proxy list", then select the proxy file and click "open".
ghost browser import open bulk proxies list 10
5. Check Proxy List.
You can check all added proxies in the "Proxy List" tab, and you can also edit, delete, enable, or disable proxies here.
ghost browser check proxies list 11
6. Test Proxies.
On the "Test Proxies" tab, enter the URL that you want to use proxies, then click "Test".
Then you can know which proxies are not working, and which proxies can be used.
ghost browser test proxies
7. Create Multiple Identities.
A. Click the Identity manager icon, then click "Let’s go".
ghost browser create multiple identities 13
B. Click "Create Identity".
ghost browser create multiple identities 14
C. Enter the identity name, choose an identity color, set user-agent, select a proxy, then save.
ghost browser create identities name user agent 15
Here I create two identities:
ghost browser create more identities name user agent 16
8. Use Proxies.
Enter "" to check the two identities’ proxy IP addresses, which are consistent with YiLu Proxy IPs.
ghost browser check identities ip 17
ghost browser check identities ip 18

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