How to Use YiLu Proxy in SwitchyOmega Chrome Extension

Tue Nov 01 2022admin

SwitchyOmega is a proxy extension that can help you manage and switch multiple proxy settings easily and quickly. This article will show you how to use YiLu Proxy in SwitchyOmega in Google Chrome browser. 

SwitchyOmega Yilu Proxy
SwitchyOmega Yilu Proxy

Download and install yilu proxy client from its official site:

Part One YiLu Proxy settings:

1. Set YiLu Proxy “settings”
Proxy port (Local port): random or custom, here I set 1080;
Port forward: set the port range according to your needs, if you want to use 11 IPs at the same time, you can set 5500-5510;
Bind address:;
Proxy engine settings: select ”YiLu Portable Proxy Engine”;
Proxy rules: select the second and fourth rules;
Then don’t forget to save!

yilu proxy setting
yilu proxy setting

2. Local port forward

Right-click an IP and select “Connect” or directly double-click an IP.

local port forwarding proxies IP

3. Multi-port forward
Right-click an IP and select a proxy port.

multi-port forwarding
multi-port forwarding

4. Rotating IP port forward

Select a country, state, city, and the number of refreshing IPs, Then click “Refresh (HTTP/SOCKS5)”.
⦁ Rotating residential IP supports selecting state and city, but rotating datacenter IP only supports selecting country.
⦁ Rotating IPs support HTTP and Socks5 protocols.

Then forward an IP to a proxy port:

rotating proxies port forwarding

5.Port Forward List
You can check proxy port’s information in “Port Forward List” on the top right


Part Two SwitchyOmega Settings
Firstly, install proxy SwitchyOmega extension in Google Chrome browser:

1. Open SwitchyOmega's Options

2. Click “New profile”

3. Fill in a ”Profile name”, choose ”Proxy Profile” type and click ”Create”

4. Fill in the proxy server details
Protocol: SOCKS5


The port is set in YiLuProxy, you can also enter another proxy port, such as 5500, 5501, or 5502.

5. Click ”Apply changes”.

6. Click the SwitchyOmega extension icon and choose your configured proxy.

7. Check proxy IP.

Then you can check the IP on Chrome browser by enter “”, and that is the IP forward to port 1080 in YiLu Proxy.

For More Setting details, please view our Youtube Video:



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