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Today I'm going to give you some beginner's guide to Facebook advertising. Of course, if you place advertisements, your account must first be prepared for anti-association. Generally, there are more than one account for Facebook advertising, so you must pay attention to anti-association and IP, and don’t be caught by the platform. Socks5 node proxy will be involved here. IP settings and the choice of residential IP. Of course, there is also an anti-association browser, which are all necessary auxiliary tools. In terms of IP selection, the market we are facing is distinguished according to the region. Try to choose the local residential IP and the static IP of the socks5 node for use, so that the protection of the account is better, because the stability and persistence of the residential IP are more suitable for us to maintain. Now I recommend Yilu proxy here.
For starters, what do you need to do to create a Facebook ad?
First, you must be clear about your business goals and why you are advertising.
Second, you have to figure out which groups of people you want to promote services to.
The third point is that you need to set a daily budget or a total budget for the advertisement.
The fourth point is that you have to consider whether the material you use in your advertisement is a photo or a video.
We have to choose the target firstly, why should I give it? Why should I advertise? You have to choose the right advertising objective, you ask yourself, what effect do I most hope to get from the advertisement. Maybe I want to increase the sales of my website, I want to increase the downloads of my app, or I want to increase the awareness of my brand. In the next audio, I will show you how to choose the right target for your marketing campaign.
Now that we have defined our goals, we now have to choose our audience. Use the information we already have about the target audience, such as I already know my website, my company. Our target audience is probably women aged around 20-50 years old, in the United States. With this information you already know, choose demographics and behaviors that represent your target audience. Select an audience. Next, I can open another one, audio, to talk about how to choose the audience.
After you choose your audience, you decide where to place my ad. Our advertisements can be placed on Facebook or Instagram because Instagram is a younger brother of Facebook. In fact, when you are doing Facebook ads, he will give you a reminder whether you want to put it on Facebook or Instagram, or put it on an app or website in the audience network, or put it on the above three platforms at the same time. In the layout, in the steps you can choose, and you can also choose to run ads on certain mobile devices. Next, I will also have an audio to tell you about the placement of these advertisements in detail.
After that, we have already thought about where we will advertise. We have to enter a single day's budget or total budget, as well as the time period we want to advertise. We need to know the target country and where they are usually active. Then we have to choose the format, you can choose to display a single image or video in the ad, or display multiple images or videos. Or you can choose to create slide show ads, or full screen ad canvas. So we have photo ads like this, which use exquisite pictures to convey the concept of the brand. This is called photo ads. There are also photo ads, we can see that it may be 1, 1, 1, 1 photo, 1 relatively high-quality photo, we use it for a short period of time, it may be like what it has a name. There is an example, it is this Jaspers boutique homepage, he posted such an advertisement, he check out our new arrival for spring. What he meant was to let us take a look at new products for the new year.
In the second sentence, it is very simple get free shipping on orders forty nine dollars or more above $49. We can have a free shipping, put this thing also new is free shipping. This more important information is expressed in two sentences. A relatively exquisite picture, a high-quality picture, will become a photo advertisement. Photo ads, photo ads. We, Design Advice Use these guidelines to design your ad to look great across Facebook. There is a recommended image size to ensure that the image quality is always the best. The recommended text length is only smaller. The number of characters of ad copy that can be displayed on the screen. The recommended size of news feed photos is 1200*1 x 900 pixels. News Feed photos have an aspect ratio of 4:3. Right column photo size it is 254 by 133 pixels. The aspect ratio of the photo attached on the right is 1:1.9:1. The text is 9 words, ninety characters. Long posts will be incomplete on smaller screens.
We try to simplify the text on the image as much as possible. This time text on pictures is now on Facebook as much as you must. Your text should be minimal. You see, for example, the text of your ad image is not allowed to place an ad whose text content reaches 20% of the image area. While thin text is recommended, we've implemented a new system that allows you to run ads that may not comply with Facebook's old policies. In the new system, ads with high text-to-weight ratios are shown less or not at all. If your text ratio is very high, Facebook may not serve you. Before running an ad, you use the Facebook tool, which has a recommendation. You can then use the Facebook tool to judge the reach of the ad. Will my number be reduced by having too much text on the picture. Before you post, it is necessary to judge whether adding pictures related to goods or services is the most favorable factor for the success of Facebook advertising. And if you use an image, try to include as little text as possible in the image. For any text used in an ad, I suggest you just add it to the post, not the image.
Research shows that users prefer to see ads with less text on images. In fact, I think that many current policies are based on user considerations. Whatever they are doing, such as Facebook algorithms, or some of his Facebook advertisements, it is actually to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. For example, in China, we sometimes see some pictures on Taobao, which look like psoriasis of cowhide shoes, with a lot of text posted on them, or the writing is very detailed. In fact, this is not good for the user experience, and you will feel that your platform is very low.
With carousel ads, Facebook examines each image in the ad. Know that all images must comply with Facebook's text guidelines. Even if one image includes too much text, it can affect the overall ad. For video ads, we check the thumbnails to make sure we use our text rules. There is a trick here. If you need to add text to an image, you can try reducing your font size. Make the text smaller and make sure most of the text is within the text box and not directly overlaying the ad image. Avoid covering text over the entire image. Here are some tricks. Example of a text overlay in an ad. Facebook is also going to text overlay on this ad. There are some examples. Using an image with little to no text will cost you less on your Facebook ad compared to using an image with text, while also delivering better results.
Image text can be divided into 4 categories. We can see that he has done a better example now. He is. You see, there is a disperse market here, and he placed an advertisement. He said that to offer local Pro product from local farms available, freshly a picked and organically grow, he attached a very, very high-quality picture, which is a picture of an eggplant. The quality of this photo of eggplant is very good, and with a small amount of text, it's just fine.
Image text Facebook like this. He said text for pictures was ideal. Ad images with no or reduced amount of text. This is our recommended image style. His second, this is the first, they are more recommended. We have the same picture. On this picture, he will write local will local produce from local farms available, freshly picked and organically grown ground sorry, he is like this. He is equivalent to putting the first sentence before him on the text. For pictures, he said that the proportion of pictures and texts is low, and the number of people covered by advertisements may be low. The ad image contains excessive text, which may result in reduced reach. Facebook recommends ad images with little or no text.

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