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Mon Feb 13 2023admin
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When I was doing platform promotion, I saw some people do this, using many accounts to switch IPs on the platform and then asking questions on the small account, answering on the single account, or replying on the small account. In fact, this is wrong. Why? There will be cookies when many IPs are switched. No matter whether this cookie is deleted or switched, there will be some problems. The answer is that if you want to specialize in platform promotion, then I suggest you use Lalicat anti fingerprint browser and YiLu Proxy to achieve it. Lalicat anti fingerprint browser allows you to log in dozens or hundreds of accounts on one computer, and It can achieve the effect of 1 machine, 1 number, 1 IP. Of course, each Lalicat anti fingerprint browser profile needs to use a proxy IP of YiLu Proxy, try to choose the static proxy IP of YiLu Proxy, so that the IP of the number can be stabilized. The specific operation process is on the homepage of the Lalicat anti fingerprint browser and YiLu Proxy, so the effect may be better, that is to say, if this account asks which account to answer, the retention rate will be higher, because of the real IP, and then do two or three every day One round is enough, don't do too much, don't focus on one platform every day, you should do multiple platforms at the same time, and operate two or three times a day.
However, platforms with too many advertisements will also block your account, which is very troublesome. So the cost of getting a number is not cost-effective, because the cost of a high-level number is also high, so what should we do? There should be more platforms like this. Then make two or three accounts on one platform, and then make a long-term stable account. Therefore, when we do promotion and drainage, we need to carry out a promotion on multiple platforms, which will have a better effect than single-platform drainage. This is my understanding of promotion, and I think this method will be better.
Don’t just say that it’s very troublesome to make only one page and only one platform, because it has traffic rules and it changes a lot. For example, tiktok changes a lot and changes frequently. Then you have no way to conduct continuous research. This, and that is very tiring, we can make some hooks for some videos made on these platforms, and update them at the same time, this is right, this is one of the ways we do traffic. OK. That's all for today's sharing. I hope it will be helpful to those who do network promotion, thank you.

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