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Tue Feb 14 2023admin
online marketing
I want to share a very effective traffic guidance method, which can make your monthly income reach $10,000, which makes you unbelievable. So, how did this traffic guidance method come about? In fact, we usually don't use those methods with bad traffic, such as the common SUV advertisements before, because the traffic of SUV advertisements is too slow, resulting in insufficient traffic. Many companies also use outdated traffic-directing methods, such as SUV advertising to direct traffic. However, the effect of SUV advertising is so poor, what method should we use? We should use various methods such as self-media, SEO, short video, audio, and articles to guide traffic. This method allows you to register accounts on dozens of platforms, and within a cycle, your account weight will be greatly increased.
Why was it always impossible to guide traffic before? Because your account weight is very low, it is because you often register new accounts. When you register new accounts, the weight of these accounts is very low, because many people are registering new accounts and then posting information like crazy software. However, this approach has no effect and can easily lead to account bans. How to solve this problem? We need to establish an awareness that when creating a new account, we must consciously maintain an account. Specifically, we need to use a long-term stable IP to log in to the account, so as to cultivate a weighty account and avoid being blocked by the platform. In order to solve the IP problem, we need to use a residential IP proxy and set up a residential IP login account through the socks5 node. Because the residential IP has long-term stability, it can well cultivate a weighty account and avoid being blocked by the platform. Here I recommend Yilu proxy.
For better learning, we should use 80 platforms. Of course, if you want information on these platforms, you can check my notes. If you want to join my study group, you need to pay. I don't want to say more, you can see the effect. For example, my Himalayan platform ranks very high. I can upvote many other people's accounts with just one account. My Douyin or Toutiao account can also like many other people's accounts. The fist method is wrong, and many people make this mistake. You can't do it without traffic, traffic can't attract traffic, and the wrong way can't win. Before execution, we should talk about methods first. We should register these platforms first, and then leave my note. Don't leave directly in the article or audio, it's wrong. Everyone should pay attention, this is wrong. I've said it many times, it's wrong.
Many people use software to publish content like crazy, and post low-quality traffic in chat groups. Of course, some people have achieved a lot of traffic through batch publishing of a large number of accounts. However, this is difficult for ordinary people to achieve because it involves IP and software issues. If ordinary people want to drain traffic quickly, then my method is the best. You have platform preferences, you share content and practical information, others like it, the platform likes it, and customers like it too. As time goes by, your account weight will get higher and higher. For example, after doing it for a few days, my method can produce results the same day or the next day. This definitely works and doesn't do traffic like you do. Moreover, you can copy and paste in batches, one employee does a little, and the second employee adds a third month. It's totally doable.
This content is actually very simple and is suitable for promotion in various fields. For example, the door and window industry. I have taken many clients like this, how did they find me? They saw that my promotion was doing well and ranking high, so they added me. I charge them on a monthly subscription basis, which is about 20,000 yuan. Then after I received this customer, our employees will work hard to operate these orders. The prices of these orders are very high, and we have received a lot of orders. There are customers in the door and window industry, those who do lifelong household registration, and those who are also psychological tests and fortune-telling. These clients are premium because they need promotion. Therefore, when we do promotion, we must first clarify our thinking and learn the methods. Don't mess around, or you'll find no traffic. This is because your method is wrong. Therefore, when doing promotion, the most important point is: learn the method first, otherwise the effort will be in vain.
So, if the method is right, your effect will come out. If the method is wrong, then no amount of work you do will help. Well, that's all for today's sharing. Thank you all for reading.

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