911s5 Proxy alternative in 2022

Fri Nov 11 2022admin

In the first half of this year, the 911s5 proxy suddenly announced that it had been shut down permanently due to repeated attacks, falling directly from the altar. The news was like a bolt from the blue, and many loyal users were at a loss for words. Since the shutdown of 911s5, a variety of IP proxies have emerged in the industry one after another. At this point, panicked cross-border practitioners are most likely to be "caught in the crossfire".

911s5 proxy alternative

So what are the cheap and good IP proxies that can be used as an alternative to 911s5?

Here I will introduce the Yilu proxy, a cost-effective IP proxy that provides high-quality, cheap, and reliable global residential proxies with transparent prices, no hidden fees, and easy-to-understand operations, is suitable for individuals or businesses in bulk.
Next, let's compare several aspects to see if he has this qualification.

1. IP Resources
Since 911s5 proxy has never released a clear number of IP pools to the outside world, we can temporarily define that its IP resources are quite rich due to its huge user base, and its servers are mainly distributed in the United States. The number of Yilu proxy's IP pools has been announced to the public. It has 90 million high-quality global IP resources and routes in 200 countries and regions around the world. One more thing, 911s5 proxy offers static IPs only, while Yilu proxy offers static IPs and dynamic IPs so that can fully meet the various needs of users.

2. Quality of IP Resources
After all, 911s5 brand is considered the veteran which had operated for several years. It is not difficult to know that a large number of users are equal to a high IP reuse rate, resulting in average IP quality. And everyone who has used it knows that 911s5 is greatly affected by countries and regions, which will have a certain impact on user experience. In contrast, the IP quality of Yilu proxy is much better, with a 99.2% usage rate. After the real experience, I really haven't encountered any unavailable IPs. The server is also stable with no network fluctuations during use.

3. Price
The 911s5 is billed on a per-unit basis and is billed in U.S. dollars, making payment a hassle and providing little to no package service for users. In the case of Yilu proxy, it provides multiple pricing systems including charging by number and by traffic. The price of the package is also quoted in a ladder, the more you buy the cheaper it is. Of course, the single IP price also kills the vast majority of proxies in the current market, the specific price can be checked on the official website - yilu.us by yourself.

4. Operating Platform
911s5 proxy provides the proxy service through its software client works with Windows, and Yilu proxy is the same. In addition, you can extract IPs through one click and scanning QR codes on mobile phones.

5. Use Cases
Yilu proxy is highly targeted to various use cases, mainly including social networks, e-commerce platforms, web scraping, ticketing sites, brand protection, SEO monitoring, and price monitoring. You can buy different proxies for different purposes. For example, if you want to use it for Facebook, you could tell customer service to buy a Facebook proxy.

A. Global Questionnaires
Yilu proxy is excellent for global questionnaires due to its IPs belonging to ISP. In simple words, it is a residential IP directly accessed by the operator. So you can think that you buy an IP address directly from the operator and it is direct access to your home. Therefore, it is much superior. Whether you are doing questionnaires or other projects, a high-quality IP can make you get twice the result with half the effort.

B. E-commerce
Yilu proxy is suitable for businesses to scrape and collect data from e-commerce websites, create and manage multiple accounts, keep track of competitors to optimize strategies and work with your automation tools. As an individual buyer, you can also use Yilu proxy to grab high-demand items for considerable profits.
Ebay Proxy
Amazon Proxy
Sneaker Proxy
Shopee Proxy
Walmart Proxy

C. Social Media
Use Yilu proxy for your social networks promotion, you will benefit from it. You can access any social media platform no matter where you are to know about how people are talking about your brands, advertise your products, and get inspiration for services that users need.
Facebook Proxy
Reddit Proxy
Youtube Proxy
Pinterest Proxy
Instagram Proxy
Discord Proxy
Craigslist Proxy
Telegram Proxy
TikTok Proxy

D. SEO Monitoring
If you want to get more traffic and get a high ranking for your website, you can’t give up SEO though it is a long process. You can use Yilu proxy to improve site performance, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the website, protect yourself from punishments, and help you beat your competitors.

a. YiluS5 is fully compatible with the functions of 911S5, and there is no difficulty in using it;
b. You can easily use country, state, and city targeting to extract IPs, which is extremely convenient;
c. 100% pure residential IP, huge IP pool, with nearly 90 million IPs in 200 countries;
d. Compatible with common third-party software, browsers, etc., easy to set up;
e. The use of API can free your hands, and there is no pressure to use a script for batch management.
f. The network speed is fast, and 4k video is also stress-free.

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