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What is captcha?

When you log in to this website using Facebook or Twitter account, the site will ask you for a verification code. This is called CAPTCHA. The system used by most websites nowadays is a computerized version of the traditional visual CAPTCHAs that uses text instead of images.

Captchas proxy
Captchas proxy

Captchas are the mechanisms used by websites to check the human element while processing an online form. The word 'captcha' is an amalgamation of the words 'capture' and 'test.' Essentially, it is a test that determines whether a human has completed an electronic form or message. It's a way to prevent automated programs from submitting forms without human verification. Captchas have many variations to meet the needs of different parties. For instance, most e-commerce websites use the 'image captcha' to check whether a visitor has a valid computer system. They also use 'text captchas' to check whether a visitor can read and understand English. Some sites use both image and text captchas to be sure of quality control. In addition, Captchas are not just limited to web forms; mobile apps also require them. Many websites now use fake Captcha proxies to bypass the verification process. These are web pages that automatically capture the user's information and submit it without any restrictions. They are usually highly functional with advanced security mechanisms and customization options.

What is captcha proxy?

A captcha proxy is a service that allows you to bypass captchas. As people become more technology aware, using captchas seems less necessary than before since there are now proxy servers and other methods for bypassing them easily. However, there are still instances where using them is beneficial- for instance, some sites use captcha verification for two primary reasons: first , it reduces spam submission; and second , it increases website security from potential web bots that try to subvert their security measures through automated submissions on forms or in other ways.

How do I use it?
CAPTCHA proxies work by filling out the CAPTCHA form on behalf of you so you don't need to worry about them anymore.

Why proxy can bypass captchas?
Captcha codes often contain words which are commonly misspelled or wrongly entered by users. These errors make it easier for CAPTCHA services to identify whether these forms have been filled out correctly or not. A proxy does it for you. They take all the burden away from you.

Where can I find the captcha proxy?
You can find CAPTCHA proxies at websites such as
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