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What is a virgin proxy? Where can you get it?

The virgin proxy is an exceptional IPv4 address that grants unparalleled connectivity to the underlying online service. It serves as an intermediary IP address that is exclusively used by a single user, rendering it dissimilar to other proxies that mandate the sharing of resources. The advantage of this unique feature is that it accords you with unmitigated autonomy over the websites you visit and the data you receive.
Regrettably, the majority of residential users employ proxies that lack the guarantee of single-user ownership, thereby limiting their efficacy. As most IPv4 addresses are employed at some point, they are routinely recycled and reassigned, which exacerbates the situation.
In contrast, IPv6 proxies present numerous benefits. They are almost invariably brand new, owing to their near limitless quantity and inexpensive cost, making it an effortless task to register these new IPs. Consequently, they are eminently suitable for access control and data security purposes.
Since virgin proxies are uncommon, the next best thing is a clean proxy IP address. A lot of proxy servers verify that the IP address has never been misused. Employing a virgin proxy server can afford you an unmitigated sense of serenity in relation to social media restrictions. This category of proxy operates independently of any account and leaves no traces, hence only your conduct is within the ambit of accountability, and the activities of others are extraneous. Accordingly, as long as you conform to the stipulated guidelines, you can utilize it without hesitation, and doing so confers greater anonymity compared to accessing it through your own IP address.

Why do you need a virgin proxy?

1. Bypass geo-restrictions of targeted apps.
A virgin proxy service refers to a type of proxy service provided by a proxy provider with the primary objective of carrying out specific tasks, such as bypassing geo-restrictions of targeted applications. Social media marketing, such as Instagram, is a major area where these services are utilized. One of the most significant advantages of using virgin proxies is their freshness. In other words, these proxies have never been blacklisted or marked by any online platform, thereby ensuring their safety for use.
2. Reduce the risk of getting banned.
However, modern websites are becoming increasingly sophisticated in detecting and blocking users who employ proxies. Among the most popular methods used for this purpose is the regular updating of IP address databases that are flagged for suspicious activities. It is important to note that end users have no access to these lists, and therefore, they cannot determine whether their own or a proxy's IP address is on it. Consequently, each time an end user employs a proxy that may be on the list, their IP address will be banned. This is precisely why virgin proxies are recommended, as they significantly reduce the risk of getting banned to zero.

How to determine a suitable virgin proxy provider?

When searching for a company that offers virgin proxies, there are various crucial factors that demand your attention.
1. Investigate the service provider. 
Among these factors, the first and foremost is the proxy provider themselves. In today's online landscape, there are myriad proxy providers, several of whom claim to offer virgin proxy services. Consequently, before purchasing any virgin proxies, you must undertake thorough due diligence. Specifically, you should scrutinize the reliability of the company and peruse its online reviews and reputation. You can confidently use virgin proxy services only when you have complete faith in the trustworthiness of the proxy provider. Therefore, selecting a dependable virgin proxy provider is paramount if you wish to guarantee the security and liberty of your online pursuits.
2. Avoid trusting free ones.
If you chance upon a company that offers virgin proxies free of charge, exercising caution and steering clear of such agencies is highly recommended. The reason being, such an offer is most likely a scam. While the allure of freebies is undeniable, in the domain of proxy services, it is frequently unreliable. Companies that furnish free and virgin proxy services may surreptitiously harvest your personal data, including your IP address, browsing history, and login credentials, while you use their proxies. This data could then be peddled to third parties for purposes such as targeted advertising, tracking, and other nefarious activities. Moreover, free and original proxies are often not sufficiently secure and are susceptible to hacking and malware attacks. Consequently, opting for a reputable proxy provider, Yilu proxy for example, even if it entails paying a certain fee, is a wise investment. This will afford you peace of mind in terms of ensuring the safety of your online activities and mitigating the risk of potential privacy breaches and other security threats.

Main features of using Yilu virgin proxies.

1. Random update.
Within the realm of this proxy provider's services, a monthly randomization protocol is implemented for all IP addresses. This ensures that in the event that the IP address you are currently utilizing becomes banned or blocked, you can solicit the provider to furnish a new, pristine IP address. The underlying purpose of this randomization regime is to guarantee that the IP addresses proffered to clients are consistent of a superior caliber and imbued with reliability. Furthermore, the randomization protocol serves to heighten your anonymity and security whilst employing proxy services, as it curtails the number of nefarious actors who are capable of tracking your digital movements.
2. Clean IPs.
Virgin proxies are typically allocated for the first time, either having never been assigned before or being assigned for the first time to the online platform that you intend to use. As such, employing a virgin proxy IP address guarantees seamless connectivity to your online accounts without encountering any hindrances or possible IP blocking. Due to the fact that these IP addresses have never been utilized by other users or subjected to malicious activity, they enjoy an exceptional reputation and are highly impervious to detection or blocking by websites or applications. Another advantage of utilizing virgin proxies is that they offer enhanced anonymity and privacy protection as your actual IP address remains undisclosed. Therefore, if you seek to maintain anonymity and privacy online, virgin proxies represent an ideal choice.
3. Get Mobile Proxies.
At Yilu, you have the option to procure mobile proxies, which are capable of resolving any predicament that appears to be insurmountable. The obfuscation of mobile IP addresses is notoriously challenging, as a single IP address can denote a multitude of users, thus amplifying your anonymity and augmenting your privacy safeguards. Notwithstanding, the cost of mobile proxies is noticeably steeper, as they are more challenging to acquire and their bandwidth is costlier than that of broadband. Consequently, it is prudent to consider selecting a mobile proxy solely in circumstances where the protection of high-value websites or the management of multiple social media accounts is imperative, and when data center and residential proxies are inadequate for the task at hand. Under such circumstances, mobile proxies represent an exceptionally efficacious option, empowering you to safeguard your privacy and security and enhancing your confidence when engaging in online activities.

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