How to use Yilu Proxy in Android Emulator

Thu Oct 13 2022admin

----BlueStacks/NoxPlayer/GameLoop/AndY/MEmu Play.

Some of users on android emulator always need to get proxies for better gaming experience. Today editor share with you how to set proxy in android emulator device.

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1.Take one computer as a server, install Yilu Proxy on it.
2. Install v2rayNG or similar APPs on Android Emulator (BlueStacks/NoxPlayer/GameLoop/AndY/MEmu Play) Device.
v2rayNG Android Download Link:


1. When we use Yilu static IP, the v2rayNG and Yilu Proxy have to install in the same LAN under the same router.

2.When we use dynamic residential ip from Yilu proxy, we can use Yilu’s server IP and Port after copying IP information directly, without LAN/Wifi environment.

Yilu Proxy Setting for Bind Address (Local LAN IP )as below screenshot:

Part One Static IP Setting Steps.

1.Install v2rayNG or similar APPs on BlueStacks/NoxPlayer/GameLoop/AndY/MEmu Play Device.

2.Use Multiple-Port Forwarding, including Local Port Forwarding and LAN Port Forwarding

Setting Steps in v2rayNG as below screenshot:

Part Two Rotating IP Setting Steps

Please view Rotating IP Setting in Yilu to get a detailed information.

For more details please view Android emulator setting on youtube video as follow:



Bluestacks Android Emulator setting in Yilu Proxy, please view:

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