Use Yilu Proxies on iPhone/Android Device

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This article shows that how to use wireless LAN / WiFi directly on iPhone, ipad or other IOS/Android devices to connect the dynamic proxy IP from Yilu Proxy Server.

Advantages: There is no need to install a third-party APP, it can be realized by using IOS Wirless LAN / WiFi, that will keep different IP addresses separated.
Disadvantages: It can't be used under Mobile 4G or 5G network, and only dynamic IP of Yilu proxy is available. (This issue can be solved by using a third-party APP: Shadowrocket)
Note: After closing the Yilu proxy, the proxy IP that has been configured in the fixed port and port forwarding list will not be saved and must be reconfigured. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the Yilu proxy always running during the process of using the proxy IP.

The steps of IOS device’s configuration:

1. The mobile phone and computer have to be in the same local area network, that is, in the WiFi network of the same router (it is suggested to turn off the firewall of the computer).

2. Use 1 computer as a server, and install the Yilu Proxy software on the computer;

3. Configure the dynamic residential IP or dynamic server IP of Yilu Proxy: tutorial on the use of dynamic IP;

4. Yilu proxy settings - set the Bind address as the local LAN IP ( in this article), as shown in the screenshot:

Dynamic IP configuration method: directly extract IP and configure with port forwarding: local port forwarding or LAN port forwarding

5. Setting details on iPhone or ipad device as following steps:

A. Open Settings - Wi-Fi - Connect to the WiFi network under the same router.

B. Click the blue ⓘ symbol.

C. Select HTTP Proxy Configuration.

D. Select Manual - Enter Server and Port - Click Save.

E. Finally, open the safari browser to verify: enter, if the IP is the same as the dynamic IP of Yilu proxy, it means the configuration is successful.

If the wireless LAN displays: No Internet connection, it means that the configuration is not successful.

How to setting Proxy in Android Device?

The setting on Android device is similar as iPhone, 1. Open Setting- >Select the WLAN ->Open WLAN Under the same Local Network, such as 3525-2.4G. ->Show advanced options for getting Proxy From None To Manual -> Type the Hostname and Port. Select IP setting as Dynamic. -> Save the setting finally. All showed as following screenshots:

Note: This article takes Huawei Honor Phone as example to show the steps, there are some different steps and description for different mobile device. However, General steps are similar.

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