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Today we are going to talk about how to set up a Facebook public homepage. As we all know, if you want to do any project on Facebook, you need to use a proxy. Here, we will first popularize the shortcomings of Proxy, that is, Facebook can still detect our actual IP address when using Proxy. Yes, so we need to use the socks5 proxy to configure an overseas residential IP for undetected status of registering and entering into the Facebook account, that because a stable residential IP address can protect our account well. Which country’s residential IP is used depends on your actual needs.
Well, let's get back to the topic of Facebook Public Page.
First of all, the public home page is a place for business promotion or marketing activities on Facebook, just like a public account or a blog, where you can post content to promote your products or brands.
The reason for creating a Page is because it is the official place where you are allowed to market, whereas a Personal Page has certain restrictions. Therefore, if we want to provide our fans with a place to learn about our content, we need to create a business homepage. The business homepage has many functions, which can help us interact with fans, push content and so on.
To create a business home page, everyone can create multiple business homepages on their personal homepage, and this is free. Facebook agency business pages are easy to create.
Now, we can see the function of managing the homepage here. In my public homepage, it is currently blank. Let's create a public homepage. When creating a Page, we have 2 options to choose from, used it have 6 options.
The first option is a merchant or brand, which is suitable for people in the service industry. The second option is service or product, which is suitable for people in the e-commerce industry.
The second option is community and public figure, which is a social public homepage, suitable for building star follower groups or other similar communities, such as stock groups, Red Cross, and friends groups. This type of public home page can also be used to push content and accumulate followers. We often use merchant and brand options, which are suitable for the e-commerce industry. When creating a public home page, you can name it freely, and it doesn't matter if the name is repeated. For example, we could name it Nike and set the Page Category to Sports. Of course, for some big brands, there may be certain restrictions.
Alright, let's try a Page called Nike Club. Now let's add an avatar to the public homepage. We can find a picture of Nike as the avatar. We can also upload a cover image, such as this classic one. You can choose the pixel size according to your preference, such as 400*150832, it should be enough.
Now we have successfully set the avatar and cover image. The reason we use Nike as an example is because it is a brand. When designing an avatar, we should express as much as possible what the brand stands for, such as sneakers. When designing a cover image, we can design a promotional poster for sneakers, or a poster for brand content, such as an application scene showing a product, or a poster for artistic or aesthetic aspects. When creating a public homepage, we can also choose to add some additional functions to the homepage, such as setting buttons, such as setting a contact us button, so that fans can contact you. We can also interact with fans through the public homepage, such as publishing posts, organizing events, etc. Creating a public page allows us to better carry out marketing activities, promote products and brands, and attract more fans. The public homepage can also serve as an interactive platform to help us communicate effectively with our fans.
There's a Page account here, and we'll create a unique Page account for you. This account can only use numbers, not characters. After creating this account, you can use this account to search when you want to find your home page. Others can also find you through your account, for example, they can enter @Nike 123456789 to find you. In addition, users can go directly to your Page through the link, or send a message to your Page through the link. For example, you can try typing Nike to see if Nike has a home page, and if not, you can use your home page to try it out.
Links allow others to message you directly. Here is a help bar that can tell you where to do what, or tell you what your homepage is missing to make it look better, etc. Here are some like and follow buttons that will help you gather followers. When others like you, they will follow you at the same time. If someone wants to see your homepage first, your content will appear first in front of them. For example, if they are interested in you, your content will be prioritized. There's also a quick navigation bar here to help you quickly access other functions. For example, you can create an ad here, create an event, create a group, go to Ads Manager, create a new Page and add it to the quick access bar of your profile, etc. These functions are very simple, you can try them directly.
Let's talk about the posting area first. Here you can create posts, create event posts, add titles to your events, and more. Of course, you can also set it as an online event, not necessarily an offline event. Offers can also be created here. For example, you can add an image, enter your URL, add a promo code, and the conditions for using the promo code. These conditions can help you explain the use of the coupon code, such as how many people it is limited to, or contain details of some important rules and legal terms. In this way, when your homepage has 10,000 fans, you can post an offer on your homepage. Say, for example, you released a new shoe and want to do a promotion. You can publish a post instantly, and people can find your link through your post, go to your website to buy products, and use the promo code you give them to check out. At the same time, they can also learn other information about you.
Here, you can publish live posts. Live streaming is usually done using a mobile phone. There is also an API, you can study it if you know how. Haven't played live enough yet. Of course, his live broadcast is different from other people's live broadcast, not the same type. OK Here you can also post your stories. Of course, there are many other functions, such as adding a check-in function, marking products, adding a big driver function, posting advertisements, sending and receiving messages, and so on. Everyone can try these functions. This is the function of publishing posts, and different posts have different styles. For example, you can publish some interesting listings, so that your users can interact, visit your products, etc. Here, you can also add action buttons. Usually, we will choose "Shop" or "View Deal" as the action button, which is a must when shopping online.
Of course, for different businesses, the situation will be different. For example, if you are making a game or a game application, then the situation is different. Or, if you are a bank, then you can introduce your business to customers in detail, such as what is the interest rate on deposits, what is the interest on loans, and so on. There is also a category that is closely connected with customers and is also business-oriented. For example, you provide training courses for cross-border e-commerce. Customers may ask how much the course charges, how many lessons, when the class is held, what the content of the course is, whether there is after-school tutoring, whether there is a chance to answer questions, whether it is possible to communicate with the lecturer and answer questions, etc.
Like this, you can also get in touch with service personnel through the contact function button. In general, reservation services are more used offline. This is an action button, we can add a "shop" function, and then shop in the shop module of the home page. You can also jump to other URLs, such as adding a "R0xpress" button, ok, we are all set. Now we can click the test button, and it will immediately jump to the home page of R0xpress. See no, we have jumped to the home page of R0xpress.
Here, you can invite your friends to join. This is an important area for pulling powder. Here you can invite your profile friends. No matter what account it is, just go to your homepage, and this box will appear, and you can invite them. For example, your account a created a public homepage. When the friends of your account a come here, you can invite them to follow the official homepage of account a. For example, if account b enters the public homepage of account a, he can also invite friends of account b to follow this homepage. In this place, you can continuously invite friends through different accounts. Come over by invitation and come to get fans.
Okay, here are some functions in the background, let's take a look at these functions. This is the home page we just looked at, let's take a look at the inbox. Inbox is a communication function of your homepage, which is equivalent to a function of customer service. Here you can connect Instagram Proxy and Facebook Comments and manage Instagram Comments as now Instagram and Facebook Proxy are merged. This is the inbox, it should be easy to understand, it has some online status that can be set, the online status has "offline" and "auto reply".
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