Why proxies for Instagram

Why proxies for Instagram?

If you are an active user of Instagram, you may be aware that Instagram is fond of banning all kinds of robots and stopping users from automated actions. Instagram is constantly scanning the IP addresses of itsusers in databases that show ISP information. If one IP holds more than acceptable accounts, then they get banned. That’s why managing multiple accounts becomes a difficult task for freelancers who do businessonline. However, you’ll appear as an ordinary user of Instagram with our residential proxies coming from real devices, no matter how many accounts you own.

Instagram audience localization

In order to be exposed to more target audiences and involved in good interaction, you had better use location tags. With Instagram proxies, you can locate particular countries and cities around the world,which will subsequently attract your intended audience and expand your popularity. What if you’re in a region that is unavailable to access Instagram? Don’t worry - proxies can easily bypass such restrictionsto help you enter.

Multiple account management

Instagram isn’t satisfied with the idea of robots operating accounts on their platform because they make it more simple for users to get Instagram accounts and manage them at the same time. With our premiumInstagram residential proxies, however, you will never have trouble with a single IP ban. You are allowed to possess dozens or hundreds of accounts, which will contribute tons of engagement and interestpotential customers.
Instagram audience localization

Why Yilu Proxy

For users who always want to keep the same IP that only belongs to one individual, our dedicated data center proxies can definitely meet your needs. They perform well both in speed and stability. People withthe purpose of multi-account management in the US will be happy since these proxies are located in the US. If you choose residential proxies, our superior rotating network will assign you a new IP per requestso that all those IP bans and blocks are no threats longer. Equipped with 90 million residential proxies in real-time, Yilu Instagram Proxy makes you act as an incrediblyauthentic user. Covering over 200 countries’ IPs all over the world, we always try our best to help you.

How Yilu Proxy works

Choose your IP
get a random IP from the whole IP pool or get an IP from a particular country or city
Select a rotating session or not
rotate IPs per new request or keep an IP from 10 minutes to even several hours
Fix a target
your requests will be routed through proxies when accessing the network

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