What is a Pinterest proxy

What is a Pinterest Proxy?

A Pinterest proxy refers to an intermediary server that plays the role of a gateway for your connection to Pinterest. A Pinterest proxy masks your real IP address and allows you tocreate multiple accounts without getting blocked. It also shields you from firewalls and geographic restrictions, provided your school, workplace or country stops access to Pinterest. The majority of people willemploy a Pinterest proxy for bots like Pinbot to do marketing and multiple account management for customers.

Unblock Pinterest with Proxies

Is Pinterest blocked in your workplace or country? You can easily bypass geo-blocks using a Pinterest proxy. A Pinterest proxy will serve as an intermediary server and forward your connection requests. WhatPinterest will see is the IP address of the proxy instead of your real one. You don’t have to worry about being detected and blocked any longer.
Unblock Pinterest with Proxies
create multiple accounts

Create multiple accounts

In general, you can set up three accounts on Pinterest. With Pinterest proxies, you can choose unlimited numbers of IP addresses to create and manage unlimited Pinterest accounts. Our network possesses over90 million real IP addresses from 200 countries around the globe, which is impossible to get blocked. If your Pinterest account gets a suspension, you can’t set up another without replacing your IP addressand personal information. The answer is to create multiple accounts that can’t be linked to each other. With the help of a Pinterest proxies, you can register Pinterest accounts with rotating IPs and manageeach new account with a particular proxy without any risk.
Compatible with Automation Tools

Compatible with Automation Tools

Pin bots enable users to do automated operation such as follows, likes, comments, and search and scrape pictures to pin and repin with equipped tools. Automatically send welcome messages to fresh followers,and invite them to pin on your board. But keep in mind that social media platforms like Pinterest don’t welcome bots or automation software. Therefore, it’s necessary to hide your IP address with a reliablePinterest proxy so you can benefit from long-term development. The Pinterest proxy makes bots work by covering the figure of requests that automation tools need to send. Last but not least, a Pinterest proxyis fully compatible with all Pinterest auto-pin bots. You can scrape Pinterest with PinBot AI or other web scraping applications.

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