How to Make Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

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This is an article about Amazon Display Advertising, which introduces an optimization technique that can make Amazon's Sponsored Display ads more targeted. This strategy can expand the exposure of advertisements during the peak season of Q4, so as to acquire new customers more accurately and at a lower cost. The article also covers the concept of Amazon DSP Advertising, a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to urbanize the purchase of display, video, and audio ads on and off One of the most valuable aspects of Amazon DSP advertising is the ability to reach exclusive audiences and increase relevancy.
To take it simply, we can obtain the following two benefits by using DSP advertising. The first benefit is that we can obtain accurate shopping traffic inside and outside Amazon. The second benefit is that it can be displayed on computers, mobile phones and Amazon’s own smart devices. advertise. The article also mentions that although DSP advertising is a great tool, its service costs at least $35,000, which can be a lot of money for small and medium sellers. However, Amazon is also gradually delegating some of the functions of DSP advertising to ordinary sellers, such as promotional display ads.
How to improve the effectiveness of Amazon Sponsored Display ads?
It is recommended to use the people counting tool in Amazon Brand Analysis to serve the delivery of display ads. To use this tool, brand registration needs to be completed. Using the people counting tool, the steps include creating a display ad campaign, selecting an audience, choosing a bidding strategy, and more. Optimizing for conversion volume maximizes your conversion rate since that is the end goal.
How to use the audience segment in Amazon Sponsored Display ads?
In the Audience section, select products similar to the ones you're promoting that appeared within the 30-day lookback window. It is very effective to re-expose your ad to potential buyers who have browsed your listing before the peak season or a big sale to promote conversion. It is recommended to combine with the brand analytics demographic tool in the Amazon consumer template to better achieve conversion goals.
When selecting an audience, it can be divided into four characteristics: lifestyle, interests, life world and audience group. In order to find the right audience, it is recommended to check the characteristics of the people who have recently purchased products in the store in the Amazon crowd of brand analysis. In fact, there is a simplified step here, which is to use the buyer account cultivated by the residential IP agent to participate in this survey. That is to say, if you are interested in the data of a certain item, you can participate in the Q&A and browse, so that you can also get I realized that the advantage of doing this is that it saves time and can be used directly. The high speed and long-term stability of residential IP from Yilu proxy are the key to buying and maintaining accounts. It is recommended to use the same residential IP when registering and logging in. It will be more suitable to analyze the residential IP selected by the region of the audience in advance.
How to use Amazon Crowd Analytics tools to segment audiences for more precise advertising in Amazon Sponsored Display ads.
Amazon currently provides five audience segmentation methods: age, household income, education, gender, and marital status. For example, if our product is a household product, we can check the marital status of buyers who buy our product and find that most of them are married, so we can choose new parent as the audience. It is recommended to determine the potential Amazon crowd from the buyer's educational background and gender ratio. In the analysis tool, we can view the buyer's information according to five audience segmentation methods, and then determine the characteristics of the audience based on this information. For example, if our product is a household product, we can check the marital status of buyers who buy our product and find that most of them are married, so we can choose new parent as the audience. In addition, we can also determine the lifestyle and interests of potential audiences based on the education background and gender ratio of buyers, so as to place advertisements more accurately.
Generally speaking, when creating a display ad campaign, we first need to choose a bidding strategy, which can be optimized for viewable impressions, optimized for page visits, and optimized for conversions. These three strategies correspond to enhancing brand awareness, increasing click-through rate and increasing conversion rate respectively.
After setting the above groups of people, we will then create creatives that match the above audiences, and then we can start the advertising campaign, so that we can make our Amazon display promotion more accurate during the peak season.
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